May/June 2018


The Pastor’s Pen

I come from a family where there are, for the most part, two distinct personality types. One of these types can be described as social, talkative, and capable of paying attention to several tasks all at the same time. Three of the six people of my family of origin are this type. The other distinct personality type is laser focused on the task at hand, enjoys solving puzzles, and is considerably analytical. The other half of my family of origin is this type and this is the camp that I myself fall into. I do one job at a time (not seven), I lose myself in books and crosswords, and I tend to be so into what I am doing that it may require several requests from my dear wife to get me to take out the garbage. Consequently, the universe for me tends to be whatever is in front of me at any particular time.

Sometimes I am well served by my personality type. It is helpful in sermon preparation, in being attentive while offering pastoral care, and in trying to understand complex situations. But it can be challenging as well when I am required to pay attention to more than one thing at a time. If I give my attention to a task and that task is interrupted by a more pressing task, it is difficult for me to find my way back to the original task I started. If I am in the middle of something I have begun, things on my wife’s “honey-do” list are put off until I have completed my present task, and that is not always best for a marriage. To step back, take a glance of the landscape, and reprioritize responsibilities in light of everything that lay in my view, is a challenge.

Someone like me needs to be constantly reminded and made aware of the world that extends beyond my desk, beyond my computer, beyond my iPhone, beyond the person right in front of me. I need to be able to consider who I am and who the world is by a different and larger perspective. And that is one of the central reasons why I so need Ascension Day. Ascension Day is the day the church celebrates the resurrected Jesus Christ departing this world and going into heaven where he continues to live as our Prophet, our Priest, and our King. My life and the life of this whole world looks so different from the vantage point that Jesus Christ inhabits right now at the right hand of God.

As one whose world can be reduced to my own personal trials and shrunk down to the size of the screen on my phone, I desperately need a High Priest who prays for me when I am stuck inside myself. As one who constantly wonders if there will ever be peace in this warring world (whether the wars be hot wars or culture wars), I need to know that it has a King who indeed has authority over all of it. As one who is often confused about what people really need in their lives (myself included), I need to be able to hear the Prophet who speaks the truth of Himself to the church in order to bear true witness of Him out into the world. And that true witness is this: Jesus Christ was lifted up on the cross, he was lifted up out of his grave, and he has been lifted up into heaven where he lives and reigns victoriously.

Ascension Day replaces my limited perspective of my little solitary life with the grand, heavenly perspective of God’s salvation for my life and the world fully coming to pass in Jesus Christ. Because it is so critical a day for the understanding of the life and ministry of the church, we at Oxford Presbyterian have for several years celebrated Christ’s Ascension into heaven with worship. Thus, we will again gather together on Thursday, May 10th, at 6:30 p.m. for this significant marker for us in our faith. Please come rejoice and have your perspective on your life made large by joining us on Ascension Day.

All blessings in Christ,

News from the Session


  • Endorsement of letter to New Hope Presbytery for grant to benefit the hungry.
  • From Worship—all phones and electronic devices to be silenced during worship hours.
  • Baptism of Sawyer David Sharon, infant son of Joe and Jessica Sharon on April 1, 2018.


  • Paul Shelton to preach on Sunday, June 17 and Ellen Gould on August 12 in Alan’s absence.
  • Invitations to go out to Timothy Darling and the county churches to join in the Ascension Day worship, May 10.
  • Beginning process of electing Nomination Committee to choose elders for the Class of 2021.


Communion was served on April 1 at both services and also to the shut-ins by Alan. Next communion will be on May 6 and June 3.

Paul Shelton will preach on June 17 while Alan is away to serve as commissioner at the General Assembly, meeting in Louisville, KY.

by Judy Miller, chair 


Thanks to Lindsay Miller for installing grab bars in each of the rest rooms.

Repairs to sanctuary walls and painting planned for near future.

Roof tiles to be replaced in the near future.

by Jim Ingram, committee chair

Christian Education

Sunday School! One of the highlights of attending church!  If you have not attended, or not in a long time, please consider making that decision. There are classes available for all ages.

The Adult Class meets in the Historical Room; Youth in their designated room upstairs; Elementary in the Children’s Church Room across from the Nursery, and a class for the little ones if present.

Sunday School begins at 9:45 a.m., following the Breakfast time.

by Walter Gould, committee chair

Music Notes

Our choir is moving out into the community to spread the news of Jesus Christ. It started with the mass choir in Lent, directed by the composer, Pepper Choplin.

Then was the magnificent choir of 15 singers on Maundy Thursday from Geneva, Hebron, Timothy Darling and us.

On August 5, we plan to host Crime Stoppers  “United We Sing,” a program of music and a chance to meet our law inforcement professionals who serve Granville County. Also our Vacation Bible School children will have a big part in the program.

On August 12, we will participate in a Getting-to-Know-You program to hear lots of other choirs on August 12 at the Methodist Church.

Music has an undefinable capacity to promote harmony…and today, we definitely need more harmony.

by Kathy Webb

Presbyterian Women

The Presbyterian Women’s Circle will hold their last 2017-2018 meeting on May 14 at the church.   At that time, the women will celebrate the Birthday of PW with a short program; the Least Coin mission, that is received at each meeting, will be dedicated; final Horizon’s Bible Study lesson presented by Miriam MacDowell and ending with a salad lunch with birthday cake for dessert.

“The Women of the Church” was formed in 1789 with permission by the General Assembley,  but didn’t become “Presbyterian Women” until 1988, when the north and south organizations merged. This year is our 30th birthday!

Ladies, come and join in the fellowship and events of the hour beginning at 10 a.m.  After this meeting, there will  be a break during June, July and August, resuming in September with a new Bible study.

by Delores Johnson, moderator

Please Remember In Your Prayers

Sue Huggins, Angie Arnold, George Yancey, Dottie Price, Ann Currrin, Pete Strother, John Newell, Mike & Linda Diamond, Fred & Diane Heath, Julie Gaydon, Isabella Baird, Hannah Hobgood and others you may know.

Please add Alan to your prayers as he will serve as a commissioner to the General Assembly in Louisville, KY the week of June 16—23. Pray for the whole assembly!

From the Bicentennial Committee

Help Us Sing of Our Saints

It is amazing how quickly the days of our Bicentennial Year are passing. We have enjoyed several events, most recently the presentation by Charlie Bryan and his surprise gift of the portrait of our first pastor, Shepard Kollock.

Our next event will be in May and will be a presentation by Mark Pace from Thornton Library. Mark will share a history of OPC that focuses on the congregation’s role as a member of the Oxford/Granville County community.

On Sunday November 4, which is All Saints Sunday, we hope to honor those members of the OPC family whom we have known and admired as servants of our Lord. We ask that everyone take time to think of member or friend of OPC who stands out as an example of Christian love and service. You may choose to speak of folks who have gone on to be with the Lord as well as those who still labor among us.

You may honor one Saint or many. We ask that you compose your tribute in a statement that is three sentences or less. That way, we will have time to gather and read them aloud. We will plan a fellowship event to go along with our tributes.

The deadline for submission of tributes is October 1. You can email them, send them through the mail or put them in Ellen Gould’s mailbox at the church. We hope that this occasion will be one that allows us to remember the goodness of God and His special blessings to OPC.  All submissions will be typed up and bound into a volume.

Don’t miss out on your opportunity to share in our rejoicing of the saints we are privileged to know and to have known

by Ellen Gould


The March mission, One Great Hour of Sharing  offerings totaled  $570.00.

The Chili Cook-off Relay for Life fundraiser yielded $603.00 in donations.

Pennies for Hunger collections in March and April totaled $62.59.

Children’s Hope Alliance— as of April 23— $333.00.

Thanks to all who so generously support our mission projects!

The May mission project for the month will be receiving  donations to Presbyterian Disaster Assistance. This organization reaches out to help all who suffer through disasters caused by hurricanes, tornadoes, floods or any other event that causes people to lose their homes. In June, we will receive offerings for Families Living Violence Free that is located in Granville County. Their goal is to be able to offer assistance to those who no longer feel safe in their homes and must leave quickly. The monies collected are used to purchase items which are needed for personal hygiene, diapers, food and shelter where they are protected.

by Delores Johnson

Sunday School

Adult Class

Lindsay Miller
Delores Johnson
Cathy Yancey
Walter Gould

Youth Class

Walter Gould

Young Marrieds

Alan Koeneke

Elementary Class

Ellen Gould

  The Adult Class will continue using the Wired Word Curriculum

Flower Schedule



13—Faye Newell

20—June Howell

27—Presbyterian Women



10—Lynn Currin

17—Cathy Yancey

24—Camilla B. Elliott

If you wish to make a donation to the church for a special mission in lieu of flowers, you may do so by contacting Carol Barnes or the church office and the Pulpit Bible will be displayed on the Communion Table. You may also do this in honor or memory of a loved one.

To Remember

Men’s Group will honor women of the church on May 2 at 6:30 p.m with their annual supper. The next Men’s Group supper will be on June 6.


Buffet Breakfast served every Sunday morning following the 8:08 contemporary service as prepared by Terry Hobgood. Everyone is invited and the time of fellowship and the delicious foods around the tables are enjoyed by all.

There are no upcoming events.